Probably some are more of a doctor than others…

Many of us have it already as a routine: there’s an interview, some more talks after that and then it comes the moment when, having a contract with a Cruise Line, we start gathering the required papers for joining the ship. So in a matter of days or weeks we have to have our criminal record, all kind of SCTW certificates in order and then we go for the medical…
Recently, after having an interview with one of the concession on one of the major lines, I had the weird surprise to be asked to go to another country to have the medical examination, as the only „certified” doctor in Romania left the clinic where he used to work and no replacement for him. Odd isn’t it?
Maybe, after I would curse continuously for few days, I would end up on going to Serbia for that examination, if I would not know for sure that the company asking for this nonsense is located in UK. And this is the country that became the final destination for many thousands of Romanian doctors and nurses. Most of them working in the most important hospitals in the country or being part of some important research teams.
So I said to myself: „wait a minute! Romanian doctors are good enough to take care of the British patients in the UK, their studies are worthy for all research teams, but the ones left home are not the same kind of doctors? Are they less trustworthy and less trained then the others? Are they unable to check some laboratory tests and have a thorough consult for someone who’s going to work on board of a ship?” And I gave myself the answer: „they are no less doctors than the ones working abroad. We do trust them any time we need their help. So…let that Company live with it’s absurd rules which I do find them, from many points of view, discriminatory, and find something else. And I did so.
But the question is still valid. I know that all kind of organization try to cover themselves against all kind of situations that might occur while people work on board of ships. But only recognizing a doctor for a country is just too much (in this case is less!).
So I think this is a statement that all should be respected for the work they’re doing and these kind of little (or big) unions including companies, recruiters, agents, doctors should not forget that their work fully depends on people like me and tens of thousands more. And in the same way I thought I should not encourage something I really believe as unfair, some others might think too.